About Us

CardMonitor is one of the leading sources of information for the credit card segment in Brazil.

CardMonitor follows the strategies of over 300 versions of cards in the Brazilian market, 50 of them through the mysterious consumer method.

CardMonitor produces and develops products that support decision taking. The greatest differential of the studies and special reports is the practical approach based on researches with executives of the segment combined with the partners’s backgrounds and experiences.

If your company is interested in knowing in depth some of the topics listed below, CardMonitor has the product that matches your needs:

  • Learn about the Brazilian Cards Segment (Market share, strategic moves of the players, news, communication and much more);
  • Find how the issuers are profiting from this business (know the profit dynamics of credit cards, private labels, hybrid cards in 5 or 10 years);
  • Discover the satisfaction level of cardholders in relation to services and features offered in the different types of cards;
  • Follow the pricing strategy of the major bank and retail issuers;
  • Understand the best practices in customer activation and retention;
  • Check out the best practices in sales to non-account holders.

Our leading product, The Card Monitoring Service, a weekly report that summarizes and analyses news, indicators, initiatives of the players of the segment has become a very important source of information to over 1.500 top executives of the electronic means of payment in Brazil.

Founded in 2008, CardMonitor has already achieved an expressive and selected portfolio of clients:

  • 95% of the bank issuers and retail issuers
  • 100% of the global brands
  • 100% of Brazilian Acquirers
  • The 4 major Brazilian processors
  • The 2 major credit bureaux
  • The 4 major contact centers in Brazil
  • Important technological suppliers of the credit card segment